Pouch Making Machine

You know how the flexible packaging industry has taken firm roots all over the world. With a view to meet the growing need of the industry, XL Plastics provides top quality bag making machinery. You can opt for an automatic bag making machine using which it becomes easier to make a variety of laminated pouches. Our wide range of pouch manufacturing machine has utility in good and beverage, agriculture, medical and several other industries.

Our pouch making machines are constantly being improved for facilitating the manufacturer with the best available pouch packaging system. You can give your preference to the right bag manufacturing machine which lets you seal your food and liquids for freshness and keep your product in the pouch. Quality plastic pouches will facilitate your products staying fresh for a longer time. The added advantage is that the plastic pouches take up less packaging than other sealed packaging options.


  • Centre Seal Pouch Making Machine CSP-501 Ultima
  • Stand Up & Zipper Pouch
  • Three Side Seal Pouch
  • Center Seal Pouch
  • Combined Pouch

Centre Seal Pouch Making Machine CSP-501 Ultima

The CSP-501 Ultima is the best model available on the market for manufacturing recyclable fin seal and lap seal pouches. Custom-engineered for multi-purpose center seal pouch making, it is capable of producing stand up pouches and vacuum food packaging at a high speed of 80 cycles/min. This heavy-duty machine also features a powerful shaftless unwind system, an efficient auto-conveyor system for bag collection and an air-conditioned temperature controlled panel for all electrical components & drives.

Stand Up & Zipper Pouch

You can opt for our new model SDP 700Z of Stand up & Zipper Pouch making machine which is equipped with a multi servo system. It is capable of handling four different films, all separately in register with the photo cell since it is equipped with different servo. You can make a Stand up or Zipper pouch from a single sheet of 1400mm width.

Three Side Seal Pouch

When you are looking for efficient pouch making machines, you may give your preference to the top performing three side seal pouch making machine and the best models available to choose from are SSP 350 Delta and SSP 450 Delta. They have a servo motor for indexing and accuracy, and are capable of reaching a high speed of up to 150 strokes per minute. What’s remarkable for these models is that they are microprocessor controlled with digital displays.

Center Seal Pouch

The best models for center seal pouch making machine are CSP 350 Delta and CSP 450 Delta. They are remarkable for high speed up to 150 stokes/minute. They are capable of continuous forming, sealing and feeding. Because of user-friendly single control panel, they are convenient when it comes to operating them.

Combined Pouch

Our combined pouch making machine is what you are looking for to meet your needs. We have two models CMB 350 Delta and CMB 450 Delta with a speed of up to 160 strokes per minute. They have Photocell control to convert printed film. As they have keypad setting for speed, size & count, they are convenient to use.