PVC label making machine

We excel in bag making machinery. When it comes to PVC label making machines, we offer the best ones that can help you in responding to new marketing demands. Every PVC label machine that you find here is compact, robust and easy to use as well as maintain. You may opt for the proper model according to your requirements. You may go through the specifications, features, size or length and other useful information when it comes to making your choice for the right bag manufacturing machine that can meet your needs. The following are some of the top models of PVC label machines.


PVC Label Cutting Machine

If you are looking for quality PVC label making machines, our PVC Shrink Label Cutting Machine can best meet your needs. You may opt for models available such as LBL 250 Delta and LBL 350 Delta. They are capable of high speed of up to 380 strokes per minute. They have a Servo motor for indexing and a microprocessor controlled with digital display. They are designed especially for label cutting. The standard machine comprises of an unwind stand with brake, dancing rollers, pull rolls, draw rollers, photocell unit, perforators, shear cutting station and stacking table


Label Sleeving and Gluing Machine

We offer PVC Shrink Label Sleeving and Gluing Machine. Our GL 500 model is efficient, convenient and quite easy to operate. It has edge guiding system on unwind and auto tension control system available with load cell along with particle brake. It has pneumatically operated glue dispenser and torque motor re-winder. There are air shafts on rewind and unwind.

You need not strive hard to find the right bag making machinery. We offer a wide range of bag making machines that can meet your needs. When it comes to opting for PVC label making machines, you’ve got two fair choices in terms of label cutting machine as well as the label Sleeving and Gluing machines. Go through the features and specifications of the models like GL 500, LBL 250 Delta and LBL 350 Delta to consider which one can fit your requirements in the best way possible.