Special Purpose Machine

At XL plastics we believe in development and customization. We have developed a number of Special purpose machinery for Various applications.


  • Courier and Security bag machine
  • Slit sealing and gusseting machine
  • Hygiene and Diaper Bag Machine
Courier Security Bag

Courier and Security bag machine

We have introduced High speed Courier and Security bag machines which are used in the Courier and transport industry , Online shopping portals, Banks , Examination centers , Duty free shops at airports and many other places.
These are fully automatic machines with high production going upto speeds of 200 cycles per minute.

Slit sealing & Gusseting Machine

Slit sealing and gusseting machine

This machine has a number of applications in the market. Its used to make a gusseted tubing from a lay flat sheet and the printing can be adjusted in the Gusset. Its mainly used in making Bread bags , Diaper Bags , Bottom sealed Shopping bags, and other hygiene products.

Hygiene & Diaper Bag Machine

Hygiene and Diaper Bag Machine

These are high-speed side weld and bottom weld machines used for producing wicket and diaper bags for the personal hygiene industry. As the demand for these products is increasing day by day, so is the requirement for these types of machines. Different models and attachments are available to make a variety of bags.