Stand Up & Zipper Pouch Making Machine

Stand Up & Zipper Pouch Making Machine

SDP 501Z

This machine is used to make Stand up and Zipper pouches from a combination of films like PE-PET/PE, PET/ALU/PE-PA/PE-PP etc. We can also make 3 side seal and 5 side seal pouches on Stand-up & Zipper Pouch making machine.

  • > One Master roll with shaft-less unwinder and Driven Tension control system
  • > Multiple sealing and cooling stations
  • > All stations are actuated by individual servo system to control seal and cool time
  • > Multiple Nip roller system to maintain even tension on the film
  • > Touch Screen PLC for setting of all parameters like size , sped , dwell time , temperature etc
  • > Servo actuated cutter system
  • > Auto conveyor system for easy collection of pouch

The following optional attachments / tools are available to add features to the machine and make variety of bag structures:

  • > Hole punch
  • > Euro punch
  • > K-seal
  • > Pneumatic Cross perforation
  • > Handle punch
  • > V notch
Stand up & Zipper Pouch Making Machine Specifications

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