The CSP Ultima has just been launched and is ideal for making/manufacturing heavy duty center seal pouches.

Machine Specialty

The CSP-501 can produce recyclable stand up pouches and is also suitable for co-extruded PE film and laminated film.

Vacuum Food Packaging in Food Industry

Center seal pouches have slowly taken over the food packaging industry in recent times, replacing the traditional forms of food packaging such as glass and plastic containers. Next time you go into any shop, you will observe that most of the food is packaged in standup plastic pouches, the more eco-friendly the better.

Vacuum packaging is increasingly becoming the norm to package foods quickly and efficiently as it not only increases the shelf life of food, it also reduces the transporting and packaging costs. Vacuum food packaging is used for:

Meat Packaging

Most if not all meat products are vacuum packaged in airtight plastic pouches.

Vacuum Meat Packaging


The packaging of pickle has evolved for the better from traditional glass bottle packaging to being vacuum packed in stand up pouches.


Vacuum food packaging sucks out all the air and moisture which is vital to keep the rice within in good edible condition by preventing moisture from seeping in.

Protein Powder

Vacuum food packaging maintains the quality of the protein powder by preventing moisture from seeping in.

Coffee Beans

Not only does vacuum packaging pouches keep your coffee beans fresh for longer, they are a more convenient and eco-friendly packaging option.

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