Wasted food is a much larger problem than most of us realize, but the problem lies in lack of proper packaging. Roughly half of all food produced from the farm to the consumer ends up going to waste each year. Packaging the food helps to reduce this unnecessary waste.

The most important sustainability feature of any food packaging product is its capacity to protect and preserve food. Producing food is a lot more energy intensive than manufacturing the packaging which is why the food packaging should complete its basic function of food preservation.

Here are 5 Reasons why Plastic is Good for Packaging Food

  1. Reduces the Overall Package Weight

    Using plastic packaging helps to reduce the overall weight of the packaged products which also tends to reduce the number of trucks which are required to deliver the same amount of product which decreases the overall costs, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions that are given off. Proper plastic packaging saves resources and is also lightweight, tough and easy to transport.

  2. Keeps Foods Fresh

    Plastic packaging is lightweight yet tough leading to a smaller environmental footprint. You can use ultrathin plastic film to block any flow of oxygen which can increase the shelf life of fresh meats to 21 days. Plastic vacuum packaging prevents the discoloration of meats and extends their shelf life 10 times longer than store wrapped meat.Sealed plastic containers and bags preserve the flavour, texture and nutrients of food by keeping it completely air tight. A great example of this is airtight plastic Ziploc bags.

  3. Reduces Energy Costs

    Using plastic packaging products is significant to sustainability due to less consumption of energy. If plastic packaging were to be replaced by non-plastic products then 5 times the materials would be needed to produce the packaging.

  4. Easy to Use

    You can easily wrap up a fruit or vegetable in plastic wrap to reduce waste and increase the longevity of the product.

  5. Available in Different Sizes

    Plastic packaging is suitable for most types of packaging and is always easily adaptable to customizing its shape, size and style as per your requirement.You can create high tech food pouches with really thin plastics.

3 Factors You Need to Keep in Mind Before Choosing Your Plastic Packaging Bag

  1. Recyclable

    Plastic bags can be recycled quite easily and need a lot less energy to be recycled in comparison to other recycling options. Plastic require 40% less energy to be manufactured and only generate 80% less solid waste than paper. A pound of plastic takes 91% less energy to recycle as compared to a pound of paper.

  2. Cost Effective

    Plastic packaging is cost effective to most if not all businesses regardless of what they do. This is particularly helpful to smaller businesses as it gives them a chance to package their products in a standard way despite having a smaller budget.

  3. Suitable for Sealing Food and Keeping It Fresh for Longer

    Sealed plastic bags and containers preserve the flavour, texture and nutrients of food by locking out the air and preventing the absorption of nasty odours and flavours as well as avoiding “freezer burn”. Plastic packaging can survive in both extreme hotand cold temperatures which keep the food or drink fresh. This also helps to keep moisture, oxygen, dust, light and odours out.

Once you have found out what your plastic bag making requirements are then you will probably need some guidance on what plastic bag making machine would suit your needs. Please contact our professionals at XL Plastics for more information on choosing the right equipment.