Does your business need any new packing products? The type of packing products that you use is one of the most defining aspects of your business as the quality of your products doesn’t matter in this case. This also puts your business at risk due to bad packaging and equally bad marketing as a lot of people tend to judge a business by its packaging prior to visiting your shop. This also puts your products at risk of getting damaged in the packing process.

The basic purpose of packaging is to ensure that your product reaches its final destination in pristine condition without any damage at all. A great way to ensure that this happens is by simply giving your clients a good quality plastic bag in which to carry your products.

Your Plastic Bag Should be:

Easy to Use

Plastic bags are quicker and easier to open up, pack and use again as well as being more economical than other paper bags.

Customizing Designs

You can add your names and logos onto the front of the plastic bags that you distribute and it is easier to print on your logos and brands on the plastic.


Plastic bags are available at very nominal rates if purchased in bulk. If bought in large volumes, plastic bags have obvious overhead cost benefits for stores and their profit margins.

There is a large variety of plastic bags available on the market and they are not all of the same quality so make sure to get yourself well acquainted with the various different types of plastic bags that are available.

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Plastic Poly Bags

  1. Purpose of the Bag You should clearly identify the purpose that the bag will be intended for. You don’t want the bag to be flimsy and break apart when heavy items are put into it. The extra cost of better bags is worth the cost as double bagging is not going to save you money.
  2. Should be Durable The durability of the bags should be tough and the bag should not be prone to tearing, breaking or stretching.
  3. Proper Size You should also bear the ideal size of the bag you want in mind as it should be big enough to suit your customer’s needs yet small enough to carry around conveniently.
  4. Bag Colour The colour of your bag also matters as it should suit your businesses image as well contrasting with your logo to clearly display it.
  5. Quality Print Make sure to use only quality print as you may find yourself with plastic bags whose print tends to come off pretty fast if not of good quality.

After you have identified the type of plastic bags that you need in terms of the above factors, then you probably need to decide on a plastic bag making machine. Get in touch with our professionals at XL Plastics if you want to purchase a plastic bag making machine today.