The widespread reach of the internet and the increasing consumer base marked the creation of a wholesome new industry called ecommerce. The surging nature of this industry created strong competition among the various ecommerce portals to capture market share. Now, every company that retails in the online space is looking for innovative solutions to drive market share and enhance customer satisfaction.

While most people look to increase their product range and enhance their follow-up services, there are a multitude of aspects you can improve upon to heighten your customer’s perception of your products. One great way of ensuring your customers get exactly what they want is by optimizing your packaging solutions to avoid degradation of quality during transit. Not only that, but it will also help you avoid losses due to inventory and rid you the hassle of return and replacement shipments. Take a look at some of the most reliable packing options available today:

  • Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are widely used are packaging in the ecommerce industry as this material is very strong and durable. The outer brown box, also known as a carton helps keep products safe during transportation and shipping. However, when it comes to smaller sized goods, these boxes need to be customized in order to match the size of the product and ensure safe transportation. Since corrugated boxes are usually produced in bulk, this may not be a preferable option for small scale product manufacturers.

  • Courier bags

Plastic courier bags are perfect for ecommerce retailers as they are very convenient and cost effective. Not just that, the durability and versatility of plastic also allows for easy customization options. You can manufacture plastic bags with a variety of features like the permanent peel and seal flap for the secure mailing; or a clear jacket to insert airway bill or consignment notes for easy access.  While you can simply place an order with a plastic bag manufacturer, purchasing a plastic bag making machine is also an option that is worth considering as it turns out to be much cheaper in the long run, especially for larger ecommerce retailers. Since packaging and shipping will be a part of your daily activities, you will always need plastic courier bags and it’s better to make a one time investment and buy a plastic bag making machine as opposed to paying a certain margin to your courier bag supplier every time you place a new order.

  • Security Envelopes

Security envelops are specialized packaging bags with advanced features to ensure safe and secure delivery of its contents. These envelops are usually laminated from the inside and have a special sealing system that helps avoid unwanted tearing or tampering. Some of these envelopes even feature anti-theft seals that immediately alert the receiver in case of tampering. These security envelopes are suitable if you sell precious metals or stones, or highly valuable documents like paintings.

  • Protective Packaging

Sometimes it is very tough to find a packaging solution that perfectly matches your requirements. In such cases, in spite of the variety of customizable options available, it is not feasible to create a completely unique packaging option. In such cases, you can simply pick a shipping box or container of your preference and use packaging peanuts to fill the void and provide cushioning. Another great benefit of this option is that it doesn’t add to the weight of the existing product as they are extremely lightweight, thus saving you money that would otherwise be spent in shipping or postage.